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#DearLord How are you? I hope the task of managing all of us is not driving you crazy.

#DearLord I keep asking you for a sign. I suspect you keep sending me signs but I keep ignoring them.

#DearLord I hear Your voice. *whispers* Is my voice louder than yours? Why am I so conflicted?

#DearLord How about a really clear sign? Like a note, signed by you? Or even a tweet?

#DearLord  Am all for listening to my Spirit. But what if my Spirit says one thing today and another tomorrow? In that case did my Spirit change it’s mind? Why?

#DearLord I’m all for growth and stuff, but would you ensure that I DON’T lose my mind in the process?

#DearLord I hate being wrong. It’s not my fault, You made me like this.

#DearLord If you move me past one thing, you are taking me towards something better, right? Even if I can’t see it?

#DearLord Thank you. I love you. You rock! :-*

“The Lord moves, the earth is shaken”

Mugethi Gitau