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So I finally went ahead and decided to tweet God these questions that I’ve been longing to ask. – at the risk of not being considered a good Christian 😉

As per the suggestion of one my followers, let’s call these the

#HolyMonologues (#DearGod)

#DearGod how are you?

#DearGod Allow me 1/365 1/4 days to go “Why Lord Why?”

#DearGod Had you made me a good liar, my life would be way easier. #WhyLordwhy, am I so sincere? I thought I was abnormal till the other day!

#DearGod Why do I still trust people? Haven’t all the events showing me NOT to, been to make me learn that? Lord, I don’t think age will cure this condition.

#DearGod some people I know just keep doing nasty things to people Day in and Day out. They never seem to get punished, but people who try to do good (this includes me Lord) they seem to get hurt alot #WhyLordWhy?

#DearGod and why is it every time I try to do something bad I get busted? Others been doing it forever, not a single bust! #WhyLordWhy?

#DearGod why did you make me so impatient? Was that not supposed to correct itself automatically when I went to church or read the bible?

#DearGod now that we’re talking, am really hoping you’re OK with short prayers. Some people say “I went deep into prayer” that confuses me. I mean I have never woken up at 3 and prayed till dawn. Some people swear by that formula. Should I be doing that?

#DearGod would you do me a favor and mark out the nasty men with a pair of horns and a tail? Maybe make them carry a pitchfork for good measure?

#DearGod sometimes I say curse words – when it seems like no other word could express what I feel. Do you mind? What if I do it in church?

#DearGod kicking, pinching, hitting and punching is allowed once in a while, right? How often?

🙂 #DearGod thanks for this great convo we just had. You’re the only one who can hear me when I don’t actually say anything. #Love

#DearGod am really sorry for the times I didn’t hear you when you were speaking to me. Am sorry too for all the times when I’ve tried to assist you in doing your job. I’m I’ll try my best not to assist you again. Lol!

#DearGod Thanks for listening to me. Shall we do this again in a year’s time? During which time I’ll try not to ask #WhyLordWhy?

#DearGod Do have a wonderful night.

Love always, your beloved Miss Mugethi. xoxo