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My dad is Luo. That makes me Luo, right? Notwithstanding that my mom is Kamba? So I guess am Luo. Though my dad’s grandma is Maasai. She was originally Kikuyu .But when they raided their village, the Morans took her as part of the spoils. So she became Maasai and was married by a Moran. My dad’s mom then married a Luo man. That’s how Dad ended up Luo.

Though am a lot like my mom. Who is considered Kamba. Am I Kamba? Her dad’s Kamba but her mom was a Chonyi lady from the coast.

My best friend’s mom is a single mom. She’s a “pointee”. Half white/half black. Her mom’s dad’s the Black. He’s Maasai. Her mom’s mom is from England.

So is my friend Maasai or English? Her dad disappeared immediately he found out her mom was pregnant. She’s not sure what his tribe is. Because her mom raised her alone that means she belongs to her mom’s side, right?

So I’m in love with this boy. He’s Kipsigis because his dad is Kipsigis. Well, his dad’s mom is Pokot, but that does not matter, right? His mom is of Indian origin. Needless to say it roused up a storm when they married.

But am so confused. Since our tribal chieftains do not agree, is it right to love him?

I know I must be loyal to “my people”. If only someone could show me who they are.

©Mugethi Gitau