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empty crib

Today was Friday, 13th July 2012

It’s exactly 5 years

since I lost you, Tana

5 years since I left the ward


5 years since I went home

to an empty crib


I still remember

when I lost you, Tana

How we searched for a heartbeat

how we searched in vain.


I remember how

it shattered my dreams

I remember how

it broke my heart


The fleeting moment

that I saw your face

The regret that I never

held you in my arms


I remember how

I learnt the hard way

That plan I may

but life belongs to God.


That live I should

as life is fickle

That love I must

with my all…

… while I may.



©Mugethi Gitau

13th July 2012


Footnote: Tana is a name of Kikuyu origin. It means “generous”, “giving”, or “kind”