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“Cousin Lizzy! Hey!”

I called as I knocked her door. Her husband, Zechariah opened the door.

“Hey,” I greeted him as I entered. But he just looked at me and said nothing.


I looked over at my cousin who just stared at me, holding her very pregnant tummy.

“OK what’s going on in this house??” I asked, looking from one to the other.

Finally, Lizzy finds her voice and blurts out

“Blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the fruit of your womb!”

She rushed to me and hugged me tight.

“How privileged I am that the mother of my Lord should come and visit me!”

“Oh, so you found out?” I asked her.

“Maria! As soon as I heard your voice he kicked me so hard!”

“How did you know it’s a he?” We made eye contact and burst into laughter. We both knew that we both knew.

“So what’s up with Mr. Z? He hasn’t said a word since I’ve been here!”

“Oh, him.” Lizzy rolled her eyes. “Apparently he was arguing with the Angel Gabriel so he struck him dumb.”

“Are you serious? Buffy McBuff did this? Is that when you got the news of your son? So he hasn’t said a word in 6 months? So, how has it been?”

“Maria you have no idea! Not a single lecture in 6 months!” we giggled.

I didn’t need to know sign language to know he was angrily signing, “I am dumb, not deaf!!!” with a look that could set something on fire.

“Ok, Maria let’s go to the kitchen and catch up over a cup of tea.”


“So, expecting, huh?” cousin Lizzy asked me gently as we sipped our tea.

“My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices” I said

There I go with the weird sagely quotes again. Must be the Holy Spirit.

“And look at you, absolutely glowing and you don’t look a day over 24!” I half teased Lizzy. It was true. She looked amazing.

“I know, right? I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror! But the morning sickness the 1st 12 weeks was horrific. Thank God that’s over. ”

“I’m so blessed, Maria. Now all those who called me cursed, barren, and asked my Z to marry another wife are now congratulating me and being all nice.”

“Let them take that! And more!” I said.

“So what’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Oh I made stewed tuna and …”


“Excuse me!” I put my hand over my mouth and flew towards the toilet”


***End of part 2***

©Mugethi Gitau 2012


This story is inspired by Luke 2. The story of the Virgin Mary Mother of  Jesus.

An inspired story I have wanted to write for quite a while now. Be blessed.

Maria Pt. 3: The Birth