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To Anne,

For Madoss her dear hubby

Gone too soon on Friday, 11th May 2012


They are ours but for a season,

to love and laugh while they stay

but as sure as day, then night,

one day they must go away.


You shall go through the fog

but the sun WILL shine again.


Remember when it gets dark

… and cold

HE lives in you!


Mugs Gitau




My friend Anne lost her husband a very gentle man, to a violent death. 

Both of them were our college mates. 

We watched them fall in love,

grow in love, and we collectively applauded

when they got married.

Theirs is a heart-warming love story

that we all long for,

and just a few of us actually get.

As we stood there, saying goodbye to one of us,

face to face with our mortality,

It hit me that some of us were put here

to spread love.

Madoss was clearly here for that purpose.

And though gone too soon,

He achieved his purpose.


Fare thee well, Madoss.