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The African Lady by Altayr

Did I just throw up???

In the A.M.?

You have got to be fricking kidding me!

So I finally believed Mr. Buffy McBuff aka Angel Gabriel when he came with the strange news. Coz the guy has the straightest poker face you ever saw! Considering the absolutely ridiculous news he was delivering you’d expect the guy to break out into fits of laughter at least once! Geez! Crack a smile or something!

But come to think of it is he not the same one who went like “Why is your wife laughing?” when my ancestor Sarah Abraham started giggling when he told her hubby that she was gonna have a baby in her old age?

And Sarah was like, I wasn’t laughing, who was laughing? Ha ha ha!

But seriously who enters a room and goes like, “Hail Maria! Full of Grace! The Lord is with you!” Melodramatic much?

So things got real serious real fast when he said that I shall have a son, (I was thinking a girl would be so nice! I could do her hair, dress her up, and their clothes are so easy to shop for! Shoot!)

And He shall be called “Son of the Most High”. The Lord will give Him the Kingdom of His ancestor, David.

And exactly how is the virgin me getting pregnant? Via the Holy Spirit of course.

So after a quiet moment to absorb that news of unrivalled magnitude….

I cannot tell how I got such grace and wisdom, but I just heard myself say, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it to me according to your word.”

Umm did I just use the word handmaid? Who says that??

And now I just puked! O Lord! There goes my Joseph who I’ve had a crush on like forever! He will so dump me after he finds out am pregnant! I should have told the angel dude to talk to my boyfriend before he “puff!” disappeared.

Not to mention the disgrace in society! The gossipers’ square will have a field day!

Let’s not forget that am already 22 and not yet married! *gasp* scandalous!

***End of part 1***

©Mugethi Gitau 2012


This story is inspired by Luke 2. The story of the Virgin Mary Mother of  Jesus.

An inspired story I have wanted to write for quite a while now. Be blessed.

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