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10 things I’ve noticed from watching @citizentv’s #Naswa
1. Kenyans are basically very helpful. Unless of course you have been bitten on your nose by a green snake. And it’s still dangling!
2. Most people did not attend the class where they were taught to use a wooden object to save someone who’s getting electrocuted.
3. People will still run from an ugly ass face even though they know youre wearing a mask and trying to scare them.
4. Kenyans generally don’t expect a glue sniffing chokora to land a dance with a beautiful lady in the middle of the street.
5. Kenyans are medical drama addicts! They will try to resuscitate a madafu with just a little encouragement.
6. The fastest way to get yourself beat up is mistreat a baby in public.
7. Kenyans don’t really need to know why everyone is running. Run first, ask later!
8. Coasterians have a lil time to spare – you can get them to watch a dancing cop, get their measurements taken…basically anything. *runs to hide*
9. If you have a physical handicap, you can get away with a lot! Blind guy bathing in public, wandering prosthetic arm.
10. The fastest way to get a bunch of ladies smiling at you is stand in the street issuing them with flowers 