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Mwendwa Jesu



Mwendwa warahũka at ĩa?

(My love, how are you this morning)

He asks, among chirruping birds.

I feel His presence near me,

His smile is the sun.


Nd ĩreda gĩkĩ, gĩkĩ, na gĩkĩ,

(I want this, this and this)

My endless list of wants.

I know that He will give to me

His child, because He loves.


Ah! Nĩnogetiũ ni mathĩna!

(Ah! Am tired of problems!)

Can’t go on, it’s too much!

How can you do this to me?

“Ndĩ haha,” He says, “Ndĩeherete”.

 (“I am here”, he says, “I have not left”)


To be loved is most important

To love, the most fulfilling

He has filled me, by loving me

Mwendwa, Jesu, Ngakwenda matuko mothe.

(Jesus, My love, I will love you all my days)


©Mugethi Gitau



Ps: Text in brackets is a translation of the Gikuyu above it into English, not a part of the poem.