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I suspect am going through a midlife crisis, hehehehe

First my pink phase is soo not over.

Am seriously looking for a pink Blackberry (a Pinkberry :)) do those exist?

If a pink flat screen TV existed Id buy one of those. Word!

Then I went ahead and did the dirty dirty 🙂

I trimmed off my lifetime hair to a measly 9 inches!

I did this to get rid of the relaxed thinned hair.

It still hurt like heck! I winced every time my sister snipped with the scissors!

My lifetime hair in its former glory

It may not look that short... but compared to how it was....

Now am going all natural and am all excited about it!


Rocking the cornrows

Ive even been trying protective styling like cornrows. I used to do this all the time in college but now I just feel wierd.

I guess I’ve outgrown them (smh)

A lovely lady directed me to this fabulous blog with cool tips about maintaining natural African hair!


It seems me and my friends are on a roll coz most of my friend are cutting their hair/and or going natural.


So back to the midlife crisis,

Today am dressed in skinny jeans, checked canvas shoes with a turn up (i know there so common but i reaaaly wanted them, lol!)

This shoes are all over but i reeealy wanted a pair

Arafat scarf, hair held up in a mohawk…. does this sound midlife crisis to anyone?

Lets all keep in mind that am twenty something though (ahem, important point not to be forgotten)